This class is for anyone who:

  • deeply desires to live with Love and not fear in their minds.
  • is looking for clear teaching on our true power to release fearful thinking.
  • would like secure spiritual support that really understands struggle and how to transcend it.
  • would welcome an approach to ACIM that says you can't get it wrong.
  • is willing to recognise how and why they have been choosing fearful experiences.
  • is ready to be rooted in miracle-mindedness, so they can meet all challenges with a new passion for healing.

A Course in Miracles teaches that we are wandering in the world, "uncertain, lonely, and in constant fear" and "the sense of threat the world encourages is so much deeper than we can imagine." This is the case for everyone who experiences the world as real. What a nightmare!

This class series is an invitation to look on fear with fresh eyes, and open to the Holy Spirit's perspective that fear comes from seeing ourselves as we could never be. All that we fear doesn't exist, regardless of how convincing it seems. 

ACIM's teaching on fear is clear and brilliant, showing us why we are attracted to fear and how to transcend this attraction. 

There will be pre-reading of a section in the text ahead of each class. These readings focus on our fear of things in the world; fear of looking within our own minds and fear of oneness and holiness. There will be a 5 minute a day exercise suggested for the 5 days leading up to each class. This preparation will pave the way for healing processes in the classes, where there will be plenty of time for sharing and questions.

The series will be highly experiential, with the focus on participants' own healing responses and the help we can receive from sharing the journey with others.

ACIM is a profound and life changing masterpiece that perfectly guides us from fear and self doubt to a state of mind that is poised and peaceful.

All are welcome to this class. Those already familiar with the teaching will find plenty of scope for choosing further miracles, and newcomers will be offered a well-supported exploration of the Course's profound teaching on letting go of fear.

The class will be recorded and available for replay in our Member Site so that maximum healing and transformation can be gained from attendance.

'Fear can never enter in a mind that has attached itself to love' ACIM

kironJ Gardner is an ACIM teacher and healer, working in the UK and online.

kironJ is passionate about an experiential approach to studying the Course, supporting students to welcome miracles into their relationships and their thinking.

kironJ has worked with Nouk Sanchez and Corinne Zupko, and has been a speaker at Jennifer Hadley's Sunday’s with Spirit, and a 5-time guest on Jennifer’s A Course in Miracles podcast. In the last couple of years kironJ has led highly acclaimed classes for the Power of Love Ministry.

You can connect personally with kironJ at:

Topics that will be covered:

  • Why is the world so frightening?
  • Do we have any control over feeling fearful?
  • Why are we attracted to fear?
  • What is the real cause of fear?
  • What is the only way out of fear?
  • How do we practice going beyond fear?

The classes will include:

  • an opening silence to invite the Holy Spirit to guide the class
  • healing processes
  • breakout room sharing
  • written exercises
  • ACIM quotes and passages
  • Sharing and questions

The ACIM quotes used in the class will be made available to participants after the class.

Plus a Bonus!

In this class series, participants will be offered a BONUS 50% discount on a 1 - 1 session with kironJ, to support their ACIM practice. These 1 - 1's can be taken in December or January, and can be for 30, 45 or 60 minutes.

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A 3-part class series

Saturdays, October 21, November 4 & 18

***Allow 2 hours each class***
7am PST / 8am MT / 9am CT / 10am EST
3pm UK / 1am Sydney* next day

IMPORTANT: The Daylight Savings Time in the U.S ends on Sunday, November 5 at 2am. Please bring pen, paper and your ACIM book in the class. It's not mandatory but encouraged. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to send us an email at [email protected] OR contact us

through our live chat support.