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Forgiveness Workshop

Let’s get some healing DONE!

Saturday, April 27th
8am PST / 9am MT / 10am CT / 11am EST
4pm UK / 1am Sydney (next day)


One of the most fundamental tools we have to quickly change our life is forgiveness.  I’ve been teaching forgiveness workshops and classes for 22 years. Over and over again, I’ve witnessed people quickly and easily create miracles in their life using forgiveness.

One of the things I love to share is what I call the Forgiveness Letter. You can benefit greatly by using this tool to clear away unresolved emotion and upset from the past that is draining your precious energy right now.

It’s simple and it works!

Here's what you'll give yourself:

  • Learn steps to let things go that will serve you the rest of your life
  • Clear unresolved feelings from the past so that you can be free
  • Experience miracles and healing in your life by doing the work in our group session - this is not a lecture

Remember, your mind is one with the Divine Mind and investing in your healing brings benefit to everyone because you’re one with them!  It’s truly amazing how miraculously this works. 

I’ve proven it, now you can too!

If you’re tired of suffering and feeling blocked, join my Forgiveness Workshop

It’s my gift to you! 

Your YES is required and that’s all.


Jennifer Hadley, founder of the Power of Love Ministry, is a spiritual writer, speaker, teacher, minister and counselor that has led over 50,000 spiritual students to discover the Kingdom within by supporting them to get out of their heads and into their loving hearts so they can help be of greater service in the world.

Jennifer offers daily inspiration and prayer, as well as workshops, classes and professional training programs for spiritual students and professionals.

She is the host of A Course in Miracles podcast with over 500 episodes.

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What Others Are Saying...

"Jennifer's Forgiveness Workshop was amazing and moving for me. Her deep belief and conviction in the power of forgiveness coupled with her amazing ability to speak and move the individual in a group setting. allowed me to do some much needed work. Thank you. Jennifer!"  - Rev. Darrell Jones

"I attended Jennifer's Forgiveness workshop about a year ago. I’d been suffering from terrible anxiety for 3 months. Constant anxiety every minute of the day. Two days after completing the workshop, I woke up and the anxiety was gone! A miracle! It was a profound moment for me, and I totally believe it was the forgiveness workshop that made it happen." - Andy Steinfield

The Forgiveness Workshop has given me so many insights. I have decided to have a forgiveness practice! Thank you so much, Jennifer! - Sue Sweeney

"The Forgiveness workshop freed many judgements which were distracting me from being a kinder & more loving human being. Now I am more grounded in love, humour & joy. A massive change. Thank you to Jennifer! - Philip Salt

"Attending Forgiveness Workshop I'm definitely more masterful in responding to negative thought patterns. I definitely let go of blame easily now. When judgments come up, I just let them go without having a conversation in my mind about them. It's fabulous!" - Megs Lewis