Inspire More People

An open webinar with Jennifer Hadley and Karen Russo for Speakers, Healers, Coaches, and Teachers who want to Share their Gifts and Make an Impact

** NOTE: This is a one day FREE online event for 90 minutes **

Live Session on Thursday, March 28


Inspire More People is an open webinar filled with teaching, tools, and inspiration about how to powerfully share your message and gifts to help people grow spiritually, emotionally, and practically. The webinar is led by expert teachers Rev. Jennifer Hadley, founder of Power of Love Ministries, and Rev. Karen Russo, MBA, author of The Money Keys

This webinar is specifically designed for healers, coaches, teachers, experts, and entrepreneurs who have a message to share and a desire to be even more confident, effective, and impactful

The outcomes you can expect: 

  • Discover how to tune into the essence of what is uniquely yours to share so you feel more confident
  • Expand your consciousness and willingness about reaching your audiences
  • Understand how design, facilitation, and marketing skills can be developed so you can grow in effectiveness
  • Learn about the upcoming Create and Lead Workshops IN PERSON weekend intensive in Scottsdale, AZ led by Jennifer Hadley and Karen Russo

In this 90 minute webinar with Jennifer and Karen you will learn:

  • Why Following your Call to Inspire Others is so Important
  • How to Tune into the Message and Gifts that are yours to Share
  • How to Open your Heart and Mind to the Students, Clients, and Audiences that are Eager for your Offerings
  • The Value of Creating Classes, Workshops, and Coaching to Help Others Grow
  • How to Become Comfortable with Marketing, Speaking, Pricing, and Delivering your Offerings

In addition to all the inspirational teaching and practical tools you’ll get from Jennifer and Karen, they will share their most important personal experiences of guiding people in transformational classes, coaching, workshops, and more.


Spiritual Healers, Coaches, and Teachers
who want to Share their Gifts and Make an Impact

Your Webinar Hosts

Rev. Karen Russo, MBA, is the award-winning author of The Money Keys and the creator of Money Momentum Mastery system for entrepreneurs, creative folks, and spiritual seekers. 

Karen shares from over 25 years of success with an unusual blend of experience: an MBA from Columbia University, a top selling salesperson, an accomplished corporate trainer, and an ordained Centers for Spiritual Living minister.

She has designed and facilitated hundreds of in person and virtual workshops in a wide variety of professional, corporate, and personal growth settings. 

Karen has been a beloved friend and prayer partner of Rev. Jennifer Hadley’s for over 20 years. 

Jennifer Hadley has been leading retreats, professional spiritual counseling training, classes and workshops since 1997.

Her A Course in Miracles radio show has been a #1 radio show on the Unity Church network since 2011.

Her daily blog has more than 5,000 subscribers. Jennifer shares how to get out of your head and into your loving heart so in order to be truly helpful by walking the talk and living the love.

Jennifer offers programs for people who are ready to move beyond merely studying ACIM to deeply living it.

In this online free event with Rev. Karen and Jennifer,
you'll gain insight, clarity and inspiration.

Get ready to BE:

  • INSPIRED about your ‘why’-- what difference your message and gifts can make
  • CLEAR about the importance of connecting with your ideal audience so you can attract and serve them well
  • MOTIVATED with the essential strategies and skills required to design experiences and offerings that can directly help guide and transform your people

See what others have to say...

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"I was worried about carrying so much business debt. Karen’s teaching and money tools created momentum—and restored my confidence! Now I have a consistent practice that helps me stay focused and centered. I worry less and enjoy my business more and more."

Nozomi Michiki Morgan

Global Culture and Leadership Expert, Michiki Morgan Worldwide, Atlanta, GA

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"I wanted to create and give workshops that create real transformation, so I took The Create and Lead Class. This class delivered way beyond what I was expecting. Not only did I learn how to create better workshops that delivered the transformation and impact I wanted to make, but I was able to transform my own mind to believe that I could be the channel for Spirit to work through me. Karen Russo and Jennifer Hadley are master teachers and the level of support I received in the class was inspiring. This last year I was able to successfully give my 8-week class 6 different times, with several students taking it more than once. Thank you Jennifer and Karen!"

Faith Rumer

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"I was personally blown away by both the depth of the spiritual message and the practicality of Karen’s advice. I took 3 immediate actions in my own business. Within a month my income tripled! Tripled! I'm empowered, spiritually aligned, and excited."

Amy Ahlers

Wake-Up Call Coach,

Best-selling Author, 

Big Fat Lies Women Tell Themselves, Alameda, CA

Ready to inspire more people with your teaching, speaking, facilitation, and leadership skills? Join us now in this one day 90-minute event online!