About Lana

I have always been a lifelong learner and enjoyed applying what I was learning. My spiritual journey began in 2008 when a friend invited me to join Oprah’s A New Earth webcast with Eckhart Tolle. I knew there were truths in their teachings and I began to ask questions. And, as it was shared when the student is ready the teachers will appear. I later completed the workbook lessons of A Course in Miracles (ACIM) after reading Marianne Williamson’s book, A Return to Love. However, I was still having difficulties applying the Course teachings in my everyday life. What attracted me to Jennifer Hadley’s Masterful Living class in 2014 was the promise of showing me how to do just this. This has turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. That same year Jennifer recommended Gary Renard’s book, The Disappearance of the Universe which was extremely helpful and I also started the Pathways of Light ACIM Practitioner training program with Rev. Maria Felipe as my Mind Healing Partner. In 2016 I began studying the Metaphysis of ACIM with Michael Murray. I developed a passion for the teachings of ACIM.

The last few years my deep, inner work has been to undo my emotional attachments, to sort through the valuable from the valueless, and to relinquish my false identity. Jennifer’s spiritual counseling program along with her forgiveness letter have been essential tools in helping me to release all that no longer serves me. I am truly dedicated to being a loving and beneficial presence on this planet, and I would be honored to assist you in becoming masterful at detaching from all that no longer serves your life of Love.

I highly recommend Lana as a Spiritual Counselor and I’m so grateful to have experienced sessions with her. She has been truly helpful, kind and loving in listening and holding sacred space with me. Lana makes it easy to have trust and confidence in her. With her knowledge of spiritual principles, she has great ability to point out mistaken thoughts and beliefs that are blocking spiritual progress. I would encourage anyone who is thinking about trying Spiritual Counseling to connect with Lana.

Kathryn Hairston

To me Lana is an answered prayer. Having Lana in my life has been a true gift. In her I have found a quality that most lack, the capacity to be a true listener. To me she represents the embodiment of Love, compassion, kindness and infinite patience. She is the Light in my path that inspires me to keep walking despite any hardships. I am truly grateful to God for honoring me the gift of her friendship.

Ingrid Honkala, PhD

I feel eternally grateful that when I asked Jennifer which Spiritual Counselor in training that she felt I would work well with, that she suggested Lana. As I was an eager-to-learn newcomer to ACIM, Lana’s interest as well as her in depth studies of it gave her a very solid framework with which to guide me. No matter what I brought up I always felt that she could pinpoint my issue in a laser-like manner and knew precisely where to go with it. Besides guiding me to resolution in each session, she introduced me to countless helpful materials that demonstrated and enriched the issues that arose.

Laurel Eisenschiml

Spiritual counseling has been an absolute blessing for me and for my spiritual expansion and growth. Lana is a deeply compassionate, kind, gentle and loving person and has assisted me time and time again to see the truth, which has allowed me to detach from all that is false. I feel I have made some huge shifts in my progress since doing this work with Lana and that I am gradually moving towards being the best version of myself I can possibly be.

Penelope Chambers

I am grateful for the transformative gift of receiving spiritual counseling from Lana Cagle. Each time I enter the sacred space that Lana gently yet powerfully holds, my defenses and worries melt away as a deep healing and release occur. Lana’s intuitive questions allow me to experience a shift in identity into the love and light that I am. I have found Lana’s radiant, loving presence breathtaking and recommend her highly.

Vanessa Bland

As a Spiritual Counselor not only is Lana accepting, loving, caring, generous, genuine, and perceptive but in my opinion she is brilliant. I know she will blush and/or negate this, but this is my testimonial! It became so clear to me that she is fiercely committed to her own healing journey, which includes being the very best version of herself as a Spiritual Counselor. She loves to learn and freely shares her resources, as well as how she has applied them.

Laurel Eisenschiml

Lana and I worked together during my Masterful Living Class 2, and I know that she was an important part of my finishing that year with the first improvement of my health in twenty years. If you feel guided to Lana as a Spiritual Counselor, I am confident that you will count her as a blessing in your life.

Laurel Eisenschiml

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