Replay and download now available

Do you have regrets about last year? Let’s clear that negative energy out and step into a year we can feel GREAT about!

NOW is the time to make changes that will improve every day of the new year. Let’s roll up our spiritual sleeves and do some work together! REBOOT.

There’s so much energy for making a new start at the beginning of the new year and I LOVE IT! 

Let’s ride that wave of inspiration to lay a foundation for our best year ever!

This is one of my favorite classes all year! Join me LIVE on video or listen later. Come prepared to do some creative exploration. Bring pen and paper - and invite a friend to do this workshop with you!

I’ve come to discover that this creative investment at the beginning of the year is ALWAYS time well invested.

If your beliefs about yourself and others haven't changed, then you’re going to repeat the same experiences over and over again.

This is why even the best New Year’s resolutions usually fail.

Let’s do some Self-loving, healing and clearing, inspirational exploration together to start our year from the heart!  

" Thank you Jennifer Hadley for the NY Reboot. I loved the zoom platform for this class as it was so wonderful to feel a part of the larger group. I printed off the handouts and found it so easy to follow when you were speaking, and so easy to take notes and keep up. This is the 4th time I have done this class and it just keeps getting better each time. Love & Blessings to everyone who was there today. "

- Diane Brothers

"Today has been a challenge, but fortunately I have been working on the work from the New Years reboot and within minutes it turned my attitude around. My intention for this year is to see the good everyone, to be grateful for everything in my life, and to feel loving kindness towards everyone. I'm excited to be better at prayer, at listening to Holy Spirit and having more joy and fun, while meeting like minded people. I'm really looking forward to starting Masterful Living. "

- Jill Folsom

"Discovering...remembering at this wonderful New Year's Reboot workshop that I have a deep aversion to being lovable. And the deepest desire of my heart is to feel & know (in every fiber, cell & electron of my Being) that I am loveable and loving NOW! I call it forth NOW. I let go of how & just allow!!! "

- Deb Klueter

"I’m so glad I went through the NY Reboot. I was surprised to discover some beliefs holding me back and it was healing to be able to share with others. It’s like a spiritual housecleaning for those hard to reach areas!"

- Melissa Dugen

This is why I’m offering my 


Replay and download now available.


In my New Year’s Reboot workshop, you will:

Get an interactive class where you can start building your inspired new year in a group setting

Recognize and eliminate the most self-sabotaging thoughts and behavior so you don't take them into 2024

Identify clear steps you can take that will improve the quality of every day of the year

Be inspired to hold a vision for your life that can actually be made manifest

This isn’t about just listening. 

We’re going to do the work in the class together - that way we know it will get done.  

If you feel that you aren’t good enough or something's wrong with you, or you’ll never get what you want, get the tools to start shifting those beliefs!

This kind of healing really does last, and every year I have students telling me they worked with these tools to change their lives. For real. For good. 

Together, let’s make 2024 our year of making the changes that make a difference!


"A great option to prepare the way for a year full of miracles"

- Judit Capdevila

"New Year reboot is another wonderful class lovingly supported by Jennifer Hadley and the Power of Love Ministry. It is such a blessing to feel the shift to more loving thoughts guided by these awesome classes and beautiful community. What a different world it can be with this beautiful guidance and a little willingness, thank you all for the lifting and shifting!"

- Donna Whitford-Galenzoski

"I love starting the year off releasing and reframing thoughts and perspectives to start the year with new eyes."

- Beth Nyerick