It is focused thought combined with belief. Whether you know it or not, your word has power. The more you believe something and affirm it, the more power there is in the thought. This is the power of prayer.

All thought produces form at some level. Your life, your experience, your feelings are that form that is produced by your thoughts.

You may think you already know about prayer, so consider this:

  • Have you ever prayed for something and then turned it away when it arrived?
  • Have you ever failed to recognize the answered prayer? 
  • Have you resisted praying because you didn’t know how? 
  • Do you feel that you can pray for others with success, but not yourself?

Then Power of Prayer is for you.

Jennifer’s Prayer Power class has enhanced my prayer experience exponentially! I understand and appreciate praying at a new level now. She provides tools for more effective prayer, which become tools for more successful living. Try it - you’ll like it!

~ Mary Vranicar, Former Unity Prayer Chaplain and Unity Prayer Team

Jennifer’s Prayer Power class has been an inspiration. She teaches a prayer structure that is heartfelt and powerful, but simple to remember. I find it easy to stop and say a prayer at any time so I am praying more often during the course of my day. The spiritual group that I facilitate has also been enthusiastic about this moving affirmative style of prayer. Thank you, Jennifer!

~ Suzanne Myers, Canadian International Metaphysical Ministry

When I came across Jennifer Hadley’s work, my family was going through a major challenge with one of our children. I wasn’t sleeping. A participant in her Prayer Power class mentioned they had healed a major challenge with their child by means of prayer, and I thought “this is my last hope.” I started what Jennifer calls a Divine Experiment: praying for a healing of my challenge for 21 days. I put all my heart in this prayer. A few months later during a conversation with my child's teacher, I learned that the situation shifted and the problem was completely resolved, without any effort. After one year of struggling, the shift happened so easily. Even today when I write or talk about this my heart fills with Joy!

~ Elena Stark, Kundalini Yoga Instructor

In this class, you will gain a clear understanding of:

  • Why and how prayer works 
  • How to pray with success 
  • How to pray with assurance 
  • How to receive the answered prayer 
  • How to stop getting in your own way

In Prayer Power, we’re learning that working in the invisible is far faster than trying to make things happen by working in the world of density (form). The invisible is instantaneous. Pushing density takes time. Learn how to use the God-given power of your focused belief and invest in your word.

Four 90-minute online classes

Our classes will be on the following dates:

April 22 and 29
4pm PST 5pm MST 6pm CST 7pm EST
12am UK* (next day) 9am Sydney *(next day)

May 6
12pm PST 1pm MST 2pm CST 3pm EST
8pm UK
5am Sydney *(next day)

May 13
4pm PST 5pm MST 6pm CST 7pm EST
12am UK* (next day)
9am Sydney *(next day)

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When you become masterful with prayer, you will know yourself and know God in a way that you cannot even imagine until it happens. Be willing! It is your destiny to be masterful with your word and thought! Go for it!

Payment plan options are available
Enroll now and we’ll support you with a payment plan that works for you!