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This is a way to have 1-on-1 time with Jennifer to get your questions answered. 

  • Feel like you’re struggling with something?
  • Have you been trying to solve a problem and not quite getting it?
  • Relationship challenges?
  • Family issues?
  • Workmate problems? 

These are the kinds of questions that people ask Jennifer in her weekly Sacred Circle Membership Program and here’s what they have to share about being a member:  

Thank you for this amazing Sacred Circle group. I find it very profound and sometimes listen to the calls 3 times in a week. I love that I can do this whilst traveling on the bus or cleaning my house.

~ Bernadette Kirwan


If you want a Spiritual Boost, come join this beautiful Sacred Circle. Being a member of Sacred Circle allows me to talk with Jennifer and share when I’m stuck in a challenge. She always gives me a new perspective to think about and a tool or exercise to use that allows me to deeply explore what might be underneath the challenge, so that I can release any incorrect thinking or judgments and find the opportunity for growth. Her practical and “how to” comments are the best. I know that when I share, I help others, and when I hear others share or ask a question, it’s beneficial to me. Makes me realize that we really are One.  

  Each Sacred Circle meeting helps me get in touch with my Divine Nature. This is, indeed, a “spiritual psychotherapy’ that works, because I made a commitment to live the practice daily. And it’s okay to mess up, because I now know I can make better choices the next time, and the next time, and the next time. No guilt. Very cool.  

~ Helen Lieblen

Rev. Jennifer Hadley’s Sacred Circle is my “go-to” for an often inspirational and always thought-provoking weekly spiritual check-in. Being a part of the Sacred Circle community has helped me stop, look, listen, and be the Love.

~ Joanne Ziegler

I would like to share that Jennifer’s Sacred Circle has provided a safe and personal space to discuss my journey of spiritual awakening in a caring and nonjudgmental environment. I’ve been able to get validation from others that I am not alone in my challenges, and that Jennifer is here with us to be a teacher of Love and healing. It has been my answered prayer to have Jennifer’s support and teaching the concepts of Love and gratitude in my life. As a result, I am more able to forgive myself and others and choose to live a more loving life. Thank you, Jennifer, for your commitment to helping others find the path to peace. 

~ Kristin Draeger

Beautiful Sacred Circle community, I am grateful to be a part of a loving and courageous family. I have been able to release past patterns that no longer serve my life of profound LOVE, and heal my experience of victimhood from your beautiful shares. I am THANKFUL.

~ Sheryl Newton

Ask me any question you like.

Together, let’s dig deeper into spiritual principle and learn tools to apply to your particular life challenges. My Sacred Circle includes:  

  • Four Q&A sessions on Zoom every month with me – You can submit your personal questions LIVE during the call, or email in if you can’t be there live.  
  • Download & replay - you own the downloads and they are available to you for years to come at the Member Site!  

Wow, wow, wow! This weeks’ Sacred Circle call was amazing! The questions were perfect for me at this time in my life. And Rev. Jennifer, as always, your responses were right on! It reminded me how far I have come in a year & how much more willing I have become. Thank you all for your honest, loving sharing. ❤️

~ Linda Soto

Spiritual Counseling with Jennifer when you need it most is now available in an easy to access way.  

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