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What is Spiritual Counseling? A Spiritual Counselor offers counseling/therapy sessions similar to a traditional therapist. In the session, we work with you to set a strong intention for healing, expansion and clarity in order for the release of limiting beliefs and painful experiences. Rather than focusing on the past and how you got to the present moment, we support you in being clear about where you’d like to go and how you will get there. In keeping our attention on the healing and changes that you desire for your life, relationships, body, finances, creativity, career and more, we are able to support you in identifying the root causes of the things you’d like to change in your life. By focusing on healing the root cause of all issues, and discovering what’s needed emotionally and mentally for you to live the life you desire, we bring transformation, and relief - often with what can sometimes feel like miraculous results.

  • We believe you can live the life you desire, even if you do not.
  • We believe you can live a truly miraculous life. 
  • Together, we are the two or more who are gathered in the name and nature of Love.
  • Love is our true nature, and Love heals all wounds.
  • We are here to show you how to heal the past and live a life of Love now.
  • It’s our strong intention to aid you in having a healing so pervasive that you never experience the issues again.  

When your strong intention to transform and transcend limiting beliefs joins with our strong intention for deep healing, we are in the place where transmutation and miracles happen.  

Our work is transdenominational, and is beyond the realm of religion. All faiths are welcomed. 

Jennifer Hadley's Spiritual Counseling Certification Program is for people who are interested in deepening their spiritual studies, opening their mind, and learning how to be a professional spiritual counselor. Jennifer Hadley offers a Spiritual Counseling Training program based on her teachings in her Finding Freedom Spiritual Bootcamp and her year-long Masterful Living Course. You can also take this Training Program simply as part of your deepening spiritual practice and studies. You can attend the Spiritual Counseling Training Program Intensive Retreat with no intention of certification.

Jennifer Hadley's Spiritual Counseling Certification Program This is a Certification Program 

Those who complete everything required for Certification will receive:  

  • Certification to counsel participants enrolled in Finding Freedom and Masterful Living
  • Certification for Facilitating Finding Freedom curriculum in small groups on the phone and in person – including training in HOW TO organize small groups
  • Become an affiliate of Jennifer Hadley and receive 50% referral fees for enrolling your referrals in Finding Freedom
  • Listing on / Finding Freedom website – Finding Freedom students can purchase spiritual counseling packages to add to their Finding Freedom experience – Jennifer Hadley certified Spiritual Counselors will receive these counseling fees minus a referral/processing charge.
  • Jennifer Hadley refers clients to you.
  • Basic training in marketing and promoting your services as a Finding Freedom Spiritual Counselor
  • Monthly Group Support calls with Jennifer and other Counselors in the Certification Program  

NOTE: If you would like to receive CEU’s (Continuing Education Units) needed for your specific licensing requirements by your governing board – please let us know and we will do everything we can to work with you to achieve that goal. Please contact [email protected] for assistance.

"As a result of Jennifer’s Spiritual Counseling Training Certification, I feel confident in my ability to hold sacred space and to receive and share guidance. This focus and intention alone has a profound effect on my ability to attract clients and discern how to guide them to their own solutions. If this program feels like a leap of faith, it’s well worth it! The overall quality of my life has evolved into a higher vibratory, more loving daily experience. I am living on trust and allowing my life to blossom with ease, as a result of practicing the tools, and guidance I received at the Spiritual Counseling Intensive, and the monthly calls. My income has increased and money flows in at the perfect time and the perfect amount. I feel at ease and, by stepping out of my former career, I feel I have shed resentment, busyness, irritation and frustration of working for money and security, rather than living from my dharma, my passion."

Angela Potts-Mang’andah

"Jennifer Hadley’s Spiritual Counseling Certification Program has been an important catalyst to my commitment and dedication to my own healing for my own benefit, the benefit of my clients and the world. It has expanded my sense of Oneness and sense of responsibility and power in those qualities.  

The support of this program has helped me to continue to move forward in achieving my goals for my practice and my business. This is a group of people you can be completely honest with about your fears, doubts, aspirations and goals and know that they are going to hold the Truth of Who You Really Are in their loving hearts. Having others to talk to about the challenges I may be facing has brought me to a place where I can see the perfection of God’s timing and celebrate that."

Linda Soto

“I highly recommend Jennifer Hadley’s Spiritual Counseling certification program. The intensive training retreat was deeply healing for me personally. As a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner, the retreat allowed me to strengthen my skills and confidence in working with clients one on one. Specifically I experienced growth in the area of developing my intuition and trust. Over the  

course of the program, I have had many personal breakthroughs in my relationships, finances and creative expression including transforming self-doubt and stepping into my power as a spiritual teacher. I finally got what it means to allow Spirit within me do the work.”  

Rainbow Weldon, Minister & Spiritual Counselor

Requirements for Certification 

NOTE: Only some of the requirements will be met during the Training Retreat – All requirements must be completed within 36 months for certification. Trainees who are currently in Masterful Living Year 1 will be eligible to offer practice counseling sessions to new Masterful Living students after completing their Year 1.  

  • Log 111 hours of Counseling Sessions with evaluations – practice sessions with Masterful Living student volunteers (provided), Finding Freedom Student, Personal Clients and Friends.
  • Complete three (3) one-on-one hour-long-long sessions with Jennifer Hadley (sessions will be scheduled after attending the Training Intensive – counseling sessions cost included)
  • Fully complete Finding Freedom curriculum (separate cost), all the exercises, processes, and inquiries in the Finding Freedom workbook AND facilitate two Freedom Posses
  • Fully complete Masterful Living Course Year 1 (separate cost) all the exercises, processes and inquiries in Masterful Living workbooks.
  • Fully complete Masterful Living Course Year 2 (separate cost) all the exercises, processes and inquiries in Masterful Living workbooks.
  • Fully complete One (1) year of Jennifer Hadley's Sacred Circle program (separate cost)
  • Maintain an active prayer partnership with at least 1 other member of the training program until certification.
  • Participate monthly group support calls with Jennifer Hadley – support calls are for asking questions of Jennifer.
  • Fully Complete Prayer Practitioner Training (separate cost) all the exercises, processes and requirements for this certification.
  • Some modest additional coursework may be added

Cost for Training and Certification 

  • Certification Program 1497.
  • Finding Freedom Spiritual Bootcamp 697. *
  • Masterful Living Course 1997.
    *2148 if paid in 12-monthly payments.
  • Masterful Living Course Year 2 1997.
    *2148 if paid in 12-monthly payments.
  • Masterful Living Workbooks 144. *Plus shipping
  • Additional 9 Months of Sacred Circle 198.
  • Prayer Power Module 3 & 4 294.
  • Spiritual Counseling Intensive Retreat approximately 1697 *cost doesn't include travel, lodging, and meals.  

*Additional shipping fee for Finding Freedom and Masterful Living Workbooks

Total cost is $8823. One-time payment – all inclusive $8000. Save $823. Payment plans are available for individual components of the certification.

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