How much longer can you afford to keep playing small?

Are you feeling resistance to doing the work to bring on a breakthrough? That’s EXACTLY what playing small is. It delays your happiness and keeps you settling, managing and coping, instead of growing and feeling better about yourself every day.


An immersive, online retreat created to help you break through the patterns of resistance and reluctance. I will provide you with the spiritual tools to uncover and replace your limiting self-doubt and beliefs that block the flow of self-love and let your true purpose and joy shine. Stop Playing Small is a non- denominational supported spiritual journey based on A Course in Miracles.


  • Get clarity about the blocks that hold you back.
  • Identify the patterns that you need to shift to help release those blocks.
  • Be inspired to keep going. Develop a spiritual practice that works. 
  • Be motivated to live from the heart and shine your light.



8 days of 3-hour sessions

Friday through Monday

July 26, 27, 28, 29 💚 August 2, 3, 4, 5

Los Angeles 11am, Denver 12pm, Chicago 1pm, New York 2pm
London 7pm, Germany 8pm, Sydney 4am
(next day)

Spiritual Practice Saves Time

Have you ever said, “If I had more time, I’d focus on my spiritual practice?” Whether we like it or not, that time is now. Focus this time building breakthroughs in your spiritual development.


Ready to unwind habits, beliefs and patterns that hold you back?


Invest in a Breakthrough to Your Happiness

Remove the mental and emotional blocks that keep you feeling stuck in patterns of lack, attack and limitation.

Make quantum leaps in your relationships and heal the areas of your life that aren't working. Our community is having their best year ever in terms of healing and transformation. Come join us, we'd love to welcome you!

  • Healing is possible when you’re willing to make changes, and do inner work. 
  • It requires your attention.  It requires your willingness. 
  • It feels daunting to do it alone.
  • You feel stuck, playing small for so long.
  • It’s hard to find the inner strength to make these lasting changes on your own.
  • We’ll go through the healing experiences together, remembering to laugh and not take the fear so seriously.


Tired of Playing Small?

Schedule a call with one of our Spiritual Counselors to identify one block that's stifling your happiness. We’ll define how this retreat can assist in bringing
on a breakthrough.

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What Others Has to Say

“The investment I made in attending the retreats keeps coming back to me tenfold.” - Jenni Ridpath

Following my guidance to go to the Stop Playing Small Retreat was one of the best investments I have made in my life. I decided to sign up for the retreat for my own personal healing at a time where I felt totally lost and bewildered about my past and where I was going. Being with beautiful like-minded people every day in an uplifting, nourishing and safe environment was the perfect space for me to really do some deep healing and forgive myself for all the times I denied myself Joy and happiness. Through making more loving choices every day since the retreats, I have found my purpose and I have a strong momentum now and that’s leading to transformation in every area of my life, including my relationships with my family, my health, and my finances. I am showing up more as who I truly am and Life is responding to that in miraculous ways. I am starting to enjoy the journey again!

"This online retreat was a real game-changer for me." - Nadia Christofi

Through the powerful exercises and courageous sharing in the breakouts, I was able to identify a major root core belief that kept me playing small and drained a huge amount of my time, energy and resources, whilst causing a tremendous amount of suffering and pain. I think that’s probably the biggest shift after the retreat - I feel unstoppable. I have the motivation, determination, and the willingness to actually do the work and walk the talk. I look forward to doing the practices each day for they really work. I am experiencing improved relationships, I have a healthier relationship with food and my body and I am putting myself out there doing some inspired peace work in my community. I have offloaded a ton of past grievances, clearing bandwidth for new creative projects, deeper connection with Spirit, and joy! Despite the many challenges we experience in the world today, I can genuinely say that I have experienced increased peace, serenity, joy, acceptance, and trust since attending. As always, I am super grateful to Jennifer and her team, for their generous, loving offering which can literally change one’s experience of life. It definitely did mine.

"You can have the courage to let the past go and FLY!" - Patricia Alfonso

I had a deep longing to be healed of a lifetime of playing small. Having joined Masterful Living in January of 2018 and having experienced how helpful Jennifer's teachings are, I felt deep healing was possible for me at these retreats. I was not disappointed. I learned that Jennifer really does walk the talk. I learned that my judgments and opinions are what keep me in pain and feeling and acting small. I learned how to start letting these go. One step at a time I am letting my judgments go. This year I have let go of so much pain. I've experienced so much love, support, and community. I've been able to face major challenges with far more grace and confidence than ever before. I am so grateful to Jennifer for offering these retreats.


What to Expect From Stop Playing Small Online Retreat

When you join Jennifer Hadley’s Stop Playing Small online spiritual retreat you will experience a refreshingly honest, kind, loving, compassionate and supportive group of like-minded souls creating a safe space for everyone to do the deepest work possible.

We'll get together for 3 hours per day, doing intensive focused work in the group and then you'll have homework to do each day on your own. The work will be profound, but we’ll also have fun!

Each session will include teaching, sharing, breakout sessions into small groups and an opportunity to remember to laugh. You will make new friends and leave the retreat with a new community of spiritual support that you can continue to work with in our follow up sessions.

  • Eliminate the root causes of playing small so they don’t return.
  • Focus on clearing the mental and emotional clutter that keeps us distracted from the real issues.
  • Dissolve resistance and reluctance to live as your true spiritual self and come out of hiding.
  • Get clear about the life you’re creating for yourself; clarity makes it so much easier to move forward confidently.
  • Release limitations and belief in lack that keep you from believing anything different is possible.
  • Forgive yourself so you can stop attacking and criticizing yourself and others.
  • Surrender the blocks to Love and open to the flow of Love and new possibilities, insights and inspiration.
  • Activate more JOY in your life! Happiness is for everyone.
  • Have FUN and remember to laugh at your mistakes in this healing group!

Come join us, we'd love to welcome you!


Make this your best year ever!

What do you need to do this breakthrough work? A spiritual support group that's really ROCKING. Join a community that is having their best year ever in terms of healing and transformation.

Use this time to make extraordinary progress. Together we’ll use proven tools to eliminate the mental and emotional blocks that keep you from exploring, enjoying, and sharing your gifts and talents; and living a life you LOVE.

If you have a desire to quit repeating the same challenges and upsets to live a happier, more joy-FULL, purpose-filled and productive life – you're in the right place. Make this your best year ever!

1-Month Membership in My Sacred Circle
Spiritual Counseling! 

Sacred Circle SPiritual Counseling.

You and I can meet on Zoom almost every week - for 1 month. Ask me ANY question you like. I am here to support you. You can call in live - or submit a question in writing.  

This is a weekly class and if you cannot join live, you can submit a question to me in writing and I’ll answer it so you can hear it on the recording.

It’s like getting a personal counseling session with me. You can ask a question every week.  

You get 1 month of my Sacred Circle as a BONUS gift FREE (Value $55) - with love from me to you!


Retreat begins Friday, July 26th.







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Stop Playing Small Online Retreat and Finding Freedom Early Bird - save $300 until July 31!

Stop Playing Small Online Retreat - 597.
Finding Freedom Early Bird Price - 597.

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More Testimonials

"I feel both lighter and freer.  I feel like I have a purpose and can be myself. Self-acceptance was my biggest take-away!"  - Carol Bifano

I used to believe that making decisions was supposed to be hard or that I couldn’t make them. It was my own self-judgment. This online retreat has created the space for me to bring beliefs like this up, explore and release them. The experience of being able to show up and just be myself with Jennifer and my classmates was healing. It helped me see the places where I held back and the places that I can step into more fully in my
life. I always used to think that I had to show up in a certain way; I had to be perfect. I am now seeing that showing up as I am is perfect. Stop Playing Small has helped me see that even if I make mistakes, that’s ok.

"The self-forgiveness, clearing and acceptance that we worked through in Stop Playing Small seems to have put me on a trajectory to creativity, confidence and freedom."  - Claire McGonigal

When I attended Stop Playing Small last year, one of the things that was bothering me was a feeling that I wasn’t in the right place professionally, that I was “selling out”. My job was well paid and stable, and I enjoyed my colleagues and my daily work, but I didn’t feel I was “making a difference”. But I didn’t want to make a move either! I was holding myself back and scared of things changing. The idea of a job interview made me feel sick to my stomach. I felt stuck. When Jennifer asked us to set intentions, my first one was to gain clarity on how I could use my unique skills and talents to bring benefit and feel fulfilled and creative at work

Six months on, and it just keeps getting better! I’m in the same job but I feel SO much more fulfilled. The self-forgiveness, clearing and acceptance that we worked through in Stop Playing Small seems to have put me on a trajectory to creativity, confidence and freedom. I didn’t even have to change jobs! Things developed in my current role so naturally. I have more time to work on projects I enjoy AND I am being assigned to things like well-being and inclusion initiatives that I never imagined my corporate employer would embrace. The cherry on top - I was invited to take on a new part-time position that inspires me and I am learning new things every day. Working in the invisible really works!

"I credit my “victories” to the work I did during the retreat. I strongly recommend it to anyone who is feeling blocked in shining their true light for whatever reason. I am eternally grateful for Jennifer, all the staff and participants at The Power of Love Ministry for holding the healing space for me and making this transformation possible."  - Nadia Christofi

"I was able to identify the false beliefs that were holding me back and blocking me from truly expressing myself (i.e. unworthiness, fear of authorities ,etc.) There’s something very powerful that happens when people come together for retreats like this- I felt really lifted and supported by the love, encouragement and prayers of Jennifer and my classmates. Things really shifted for me and I felt encouraged to start coming out of my comfort zone.

I now run a weekly Peace Meditation Circle and I feel increasingly more comfortable to speak up and share in a somewhat conservative religious environment about my spiritual path and practices. In addition, I now co-facilitate a Mastery Circle in my Masterful Living community- another opportunity to show up and be seen."


I was a world-champion grudge holder and fault finder. I ruined relationships, blocked my abundance, and made myself miserable. I didn't feel worthy of happiness or spiritual success.

Everything changed for me when I made the decision to stop playing small. 

I got out of my own way, uncovering the path to positive habits that release old patterns and beliefs.  I learned how to allow Spirit to work through me and around me. Life became so much easier and more beautiful. 

I want to help you uncover your own path to a happier, more fulfilling life. The Stop Playing Small Online Retreat takes you through this journey with a safe, supportive community that helps you focus your energy, deepen your spirituality and embrace your destiny.

It’s easier when we do it together!

Join us and unblock the flow of Love. Stop playing small and start living a beautiful life.


Retreat begins Friday, July 26th.







Enroll for both
Stop Playing Small Online Retreat and Finding Freedom Early Bird - save $300 until July 31!

Stop Playing Small Online Retreat - 597.
Finding Freedom Early Bird Price - 597.

Enroll for both for ONLY 994.

I invite you to schedule a FREE exploratory call with one of our certified spiritual counselors. We’ll answer your questions about how this online retreat can assist in bringing on a breakthrough.

Get the clarity you need to make the right decision for you right now.