Masterful Support Groups

Designed to be a safe, non-judgmental space to share intimately on topics and situations that are pivotal to our healing and awakening. Support groups are facilitated by trained facilitators from the Power of Love Ministry community.


We’re grateful and excited that SPIRIT continues to widen and broaden our offerings to better serve our community! We are currently offering these support groups.


Forgiveness Fridays

Over the years participants have consistently expressed amazement at their results from using one particular tool shared by Jennifer. That tool is the forgiveness letter and it has brought about powerful healing. Many people in our community have joined together to write forgiveness letters every day for 40, 90, even 120 days! The results have been astonishing!

To support your continued healing and expansion, the Ministry is offering Forgiveness Fridays twice a week (see call details below). These calls begin and end with a prayer, and are centered around a 25-30minute breakout session for participants to read, and/or listen to others read their letters aloud. Calls are not recorded. 

If you don’t have a letter to read, don’t worry! You can also come to listen and hold space, and to be inspired to read yours next time!

This call is facilitated by Melissa Dugan, a volunteer who value this process and are happy to share the benefits with others!

***By attending Forgiveness Friday we agree to abide by the Power of Love Ministry CREDO where we refrain from giving unsolicited advice and commit to confidentiality. Please read the CREDO in full before attending. Download the Forgiveness Friday Credo here


Melissa Dugan

Forgiveness has been pivotal in my healing, fostering profound inner peace and self-love. This transformative experience shifts my focus from past hurts to a place of acceptance. Forgiveness, especially self-forgiveness, frees me from the grip of self-criticism and judgment, offering me liberation and a chance to live authentically. Through this journey, I've learned that the power of forgiveness lies in its ability to foster acceptance and, ultimately, lead me to a deeper love for myself and others.

*This group meets every Friday 11am Eastern

Los Angeles 8am ♥ Chicago 9am ♥ Denver 10am
New York 11am ♥ London 4pm ♥ Germany 5pm
Sydney 3am (next day)


Medical Medium for Nutrition Support Group

The intention for this support group is to provide a non-judgmental and supportive group to share the Medical Medium approach for healing chronic illnesses that addresses the healing of the mind, the body and the spirit. This advanced medical information is a great resource and supplement to our Masterful Living spiritual practices of non-judgment, self-forgiveness and self-love. We have a responsibility to maintain our bodies, provide self-care, and heal our minds so that we may think like the Holy Spirit does. This group will be a safe place to share our experiences and struggles while applying the Medical Medium protocols to healing.


Lana Cagle

After receiving multiple promptings to try the Medical Medium liver cleanse, I jumped right in after Jennifer asked me during one of our check-in calls had I ever considered doing the 369-cleanse? This cleanse was what I was most grateful for in 2019 because it helped me to release so much fear and was a true start to my healing journey. I started 2019 off with almost losing my twin brother after his cardiac quadruple by-pass surgery followed by my mom requiring quintuple by-pass surgery only three months later. Many family members including their medical professionals were encouraging me to get checked out.

The last place I wanted to go was to see a cardiologist who I was fearful would put me through some frightening medical exams followed by pharmaceutical treatment plans. The medical interventions that my brother and mom endured were quite frightening as well as their long list of prescribed medications. I had dramatic results after my first cleanse and continued to see benefits after each subsequent 369-cleanse as well as adopting the liver rescue morning protocol, daily celery juice and healing supplements. After reading the Liver Rescue book I could see now that I had symptoms of a burdened, congested and fatty liver for many years that was also taxing my lymphatic system, but didn’t have the knowledge to recognize it much less the tools to know what to do about it. I am so grateful to the Medical Medium for this healing information and to Jennifer for recommending it. I’m happy to say that I ended the year hopeful and empowered that I could reverse any cardiovascular disease that I may have had as a result of an overburdened liver. I know for sure that everything happens in Divine Right Order. A key to my success at this time was my practice of true forgiveness. I have released many attachments and much guilt through my forgiveness practices. I know that all healing is at the level of the mind and as I’m healing my mind of unconscious guilt, this liver cleanse and celery juice have been most helpful for me.

Angela Potts-Mang'andah

I am so grateful for my journey following a Medical Medium lifestyle! I am enjoying so much more energy, freedom, and simplicity in meal prep and planning, and feel this lifestyle totally supports my spiritual awakening.

I was led to the Medical Medium protocols by a gentle, subtle voice that said, “hydrate”. At the time I was a daily coffee and toast lady who went to great lengths to ensure I had my favorite coffee and creamer every day. I remember being on vacation and being picky about the coffee so I trekked my family to different places across town to secure my specific coffee creamer and the best coffee I could find. As a breastfeeding mom to a toddler I knew that hydration was critical. It took me months to respond to the gentle voice.

Finally, on April 1, 2021 I made a decision to replace my morning coffee with water and celery juice and take it from there. It took some time to release my coffee addiction. I went slowly, allowing myself to have hot chocolate and turmeric lattes. After just a few weeks on morning water and celery, I noticed my skin glowed and my hair was thicker. I brought in the heavy metal detox smoothie a month or so later starting with using just half of the recommended amount.

In September of that year I had an ectopic pregnancy, a fertilized egg outside of the uterus which sent me to the Emergency room. The treatment was a dosage of methotrexate, a drug that is also used to treat cancer. To support my body through the recovery, I did my first Advanced 3-6-9 cleanse. It was challenging and also very rewarding. I had a regular menstrual period at the end of my cleanse which felt like validation that it was truly helping me.

Now I have a monthly cleansing buddy, Elena Starck and we normally cleanse at the same. I am amazed to see how my body feels so nourished and loved by the foods I am choosing.

I realize that I have likely had STREP since I was a child, suffering from severe ACNE since my 20s and also herpes simplex outbreaks. I am so grateful to be “undoing” these conditions through purification. This is such a beautiful parallel to the purification I am doing with my mind. I love that I can use my body as a communication device for awakening!

Currently I am exploring lots of the Medical Medium recipes and love following Kaihla Tonai and her meal ideas!

I am so excited to join with others who are curious about this path and who are implementing it on any level.

*This group meets every 2nd Tuesday of the month at 4:30pm Eastern

Los Angeles 1:30pm ♥ Denver 2:30pm Chicago 3:30pm
New York 4:30pm ♥ London 9:30pm
Germany 10:30pm ♥ Sydney 8:30am (next day)

Parenting Masterful Support Group

The group will be facilitated by trained facilitators from the Power of Love community and will serve as an opportunity to share and receive support on topics and situations that are pivotal to our healing and awakening.

This unique support group is hosted by two powerful, loving parents in our community: Liz Raci and Elena Stark. Please read more about their vision and intention for the group below.


Elena Starck

After centuries of parenting from a place of fear we are shifting today towards a new paradigm. Shift is happening towards empowering and encouraging our kids instead of controlling and manipulating them; being inspiring role models and parenting by our own leading example instead of pushing them; inspiring instead of punishing them; learning how to be selfless and self loving at the same time instead of bringing self-sacrifice as we learnt from our parents; learning how to combine self-care and being available for them.

So much is asked from parents nowadays. We live in a world which is changing, shifting and awakening and it is expected from us to parent in a new way. The new way is not defined, there is way too much information on parenting available today and it is almost impossible to find what works and what does not. There are many experts and it is hard to choose what’s best for us.

Connecting together with an intention to be truly beneficial in our families becomes important as never before. Parents need a place of non-judgement in order to express and let go of their confusion, helplessness, worries, concerns, even fears, sacred space where they can inspire and encourage each other.

Araba Afenyi-Annan

I believe that parenting is Sacred work; a loving commission from the Universe to see what we’ve failed to see before, and bring it to the Light with compassion, kindness, and non-judgment. We are all learning that we no longer need fear and its effects to control, manipulate, or suppress our children but can open up to the fullness of Love in every instance. Our devotion to our families is the conduit by which we can transform ourselves, our families and communities, and the world’s consciousness. I am grateful and honored to be on this Sacred journey with you to bring more Love and Light into this world.

My journey to becoming a “Mindfully Loving Parent” instead of a “Perfect Parent” has been life-changing for me and my family. As parents, being able to respond lovingly in each moment, results in miraculous healiing for us, which transmits outwardly into a healthier, more intimately connected and loving family experience.

It is my joy to support other parents in experiencing more Joy, more Light, and more Laughter in their everyday experiences. My intention as a facilitator for this group is to help create a loving, sacred space where parents (and grandparents) can show up authentically and vulnerably, trusting that they are fully supported in doing this Healing work.

*This group meets every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month at 11am EST

Los Angeles 8am ♥ Chicago 10am ♥ Denver 9am
New York 11am ♥ London 4pm ♥ Germany 5pm
ydney 2am (next day) ♥ Hong Kong 11pm

Healing Trauma and Abuse Support Group

The group will be facilitated by trained facilitators from the Power of Love community, and will serve as an opportunity to share and receive support on topics and situations that are pivotal to our healing and awakening.

This unique support group is hosted by four powerful, loving women in our community: Suzi Sokolow, Kelly Hess, Elizabeth Welch and Paula Martin. Please read more about who they are and their visions and intentions for the group below.


Paula Martin

Since early childhood, I have experienced moments of connectedness with Spirit. I also experienced the 1960’s head-on. After pilgrimaging to Woodstock in 1969, and completing a MA in theatre in 1971, my intentions to build a career in New York Theatre were re-routed to join a Yoga Monastery in the Pocono Mountains. 

I embraced the monastic life of selfless service and spiritual growth, the retreats we created for others, the multiple visits to India, and the summer camp programs we established for Hindu children. After 15 years, I realized that “the World is our Monastery”, and set about to discover a new way in which I felt Higher Holy Spirit Self was guiding me to serve Humanity.

Fast forward through 25 years of bracing experience in the World Monastery, also called “earth".

In 2013, I became a student of A Course in Miracles — and received a deeper understanding of all I had learned in the Yoga Ashram. Through ACIM, I discovered Jennifer Hadley’s Ministry of Love, for which I am deeply Grateful. I learned how to pray, how to forgive, how to practice ACIM daily, boots on the ground, living from the Heart. Jennifer is an inspiration to me and to all who are part of her Ministry.

I have attended many of Jennifer’s Retreats and Workshops. However, the Retreat featuring Healing from Sexual Abuse, was especially appealing and challenging to me. You see, for the past 60 years, I have been seeking to heal from the unloving beliefs spawned by the experience of sexual abuse in my childhood. From my own father.

The unloving and judgemental thoughts stemming from sexual abuse prevented me from trusting others, as well as trusting myself. I projected the unloving thoughts and judgements onto others -- thus I felt unloved, judged, limited, and alone/separated. I recognized it was time to commit to a deep dive into these negative beliefs and the pain I continued to carry. Thus, the Healing from Sexual Abuse Retreat was an opportunity I decided to willingly choose. And I am so grateful for the healing that occurred at the workshop, for all of us who attended.

The greatest healing moment for me (among many!) was the moment I committed to get “off the throne of Judgement”. We all realized, together, that there is no one to judge, especially ourselves. How freeing! How loving! How fearless we all became! And from this Blessing, and an invitation from Jennifer, came the intention to create a space within which we share this healing with others who may be suffering in the same way we were suffering. May we heal together! With loving hearts, we welcome you to join us on the Healing Journey.

Elizabeth Welch

I have been on my spiritual journey for 3 decades. I consider myself to be a metaphysician, a devoted ACIM student, and an initiate into spirituality. My desire and intention is to be of maximum service to the Light as I continue my own spiritual unfolding and development, while assisting others in their individual personal quests for self-discovery.

I have successfully been in sobriety for 35 years and have studied addiction and self-medicating in depth - my desire is to share with others the "miracles I have received.

I was sexually abused as a child, which has affected every romantic relationship for my entire life. I have completed lots of healing work on sexual abuse, including Jennifer Hadley's recent Healing Sexual Abuse Retreat. My desire is to assist others in doing this transformative work in healing their sexual abuse.

Jennifer Hadley's various classes, especially Finding Freedom and Masterful Living are incredible tools for discovering one's limiting beliefs, negativity, and blocks to "God's will of perfect happiness for you.

*This group will meet 2nd Wednesday at 7pm EST and 4th Tuesday of the month at 5pm EST

2nd Friday
Los Angeles 4pm ♥ Chicago 6pm ♥ Denver 5pm
New York 7pm ♥ London 12am (next day) ♥ Germany 1am (next day)
ydney 10am (next day) ♥ Hong Kong 8am (next day)

4th Tuesday
Los Angeles 2pm ♥ Chicago 4pm ♥ Denver 3pm
New York 5pm ♥ London 10pm ♥ Germany 11pm
Sydney 8am (next day) ♥ Hong Kong 6am (next day)

Grief Support Group

This group is intended to be a come as you are, non-judgmental safe space where we put our Higher Holy Spirit Selves in charge of our complete healing.


Deana Desjardins

I began awakening from the deep slumber that was my life in March of 2012. Around that time I began reading several key books that helped spark my awareness that life could have greater depth, more clarity, and less suffering. These books were The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, The Disappearance of the Universe by Gary Renard, and A Course in Miracles.

In October 2016, I joined the ACIM influenced retreats and classes offered by Jennifer Hadley. I wanted to be a part of everything, and attended as many retreats as I could, and joined in to become a spiritual counselor. My life was deepening with a sense of comfort with and love for my Self. On November 9, 2018, my life began changing. I cannot adequately summarize in a few sentences the enormity of that change. The facts are that I fell in love with a man who was dying of pancreatic cancer. I had dated him previously in my high-school era life, and had kept in contact with him for the forty years that followed. We even came to live in the same small town. It’s true that I had experienced other extreme losses previous to his loss (my son died by suicide in 2005). Somehow, though, by this proximity of love to death, a friction was created in me as these opposing forces flowed together in those final months. I had not understood how impactful his struggle to live, his love for me, and his death would be to my desire to know the truth about this world. I am committed to bringing illusion to truth.

As I step forward with a willingness to see more clearly, to experience a life of extraordinary love, and to “accept no compromise in which death plays a role,” I gladly share the benefits with everyone. I am a writer and poet, and a deep believer in the power of the Imagination. Come journey with our extraordinary group of facilitators as we allow Love to guide us toward healing realizations.

Tedd Swartz

On this journey of 70+ years, I have had an array of life changing events and losses. Songwriting has allowed me to focus and share these life lessons, beginning with the loss of my father. I have lived long enough to experience the transition/loss of an unborn child, wife, adult child, family and friends- enough songs to produce an album. I have performed and spoken for groups at churches, hospitals and hospices.

These performances opened me up to workshops and national conferences on the topics of suicide, trauma, and transition.  I consider myself an “Approach Coach”, with formal training in a number of settings. The greatest has been from “A Course in Miracles” and the “Power of Love Ministry”.  I prefer the term “bereavement” to express the journey we all are on. I hold a place for you in my heart as a fellow sojourner. Please, join us in a safe and supportive atmosphere.

*This group will meet every 1st Monday of the month at 6pm EST

Los Angeles 3pm ♥ Chicago 5pm ♥ Denver 4pm
New York 6pm ♥ London 11pm ♥ Germany 12am (next day)
Sydney 9am (next day) ♥ Hong Kong 6am (next day)

Rising Above Chronic Pain & Illness Support Group

Rays of Love is an ongoing support group that meets twice a month for those living with chronic illness and pain. A Course In Miracles informs our shared belief that all disharmony originates and is alleviated in the mind. We support each other in expressing our feelings so that they aren’t repressed and take responsibility for whatever is occurring because we know it is meant for our growth. The last part of our meeting is spent taking turns receiving the full attention and love of the group upon our prayer request, as we do in the Infinity Circles offered in the alternate weeks. We know that Love is the healer and are open to receive miracles!


Laurel Eisenschiml

Laurel began her spiritual journey over fifty years ago in an attempt to alleviate her emotional suffering, which she hadn’t realized until decades later was a lifelong depression. She hid her shame, self-hatred, and eventual eating disorder from the world and appeared to be doing well. At 22 she contacted hepatitis that resulted in a hospitalization where she heard Jesus speak to her from the wall behind her bed, suggesting she consider becoming an RN. Thankfully she listened but upon graduating from nursing school and trying to get her credentials approved in Edinburgh, Scotland, she became so despondent that she nearly killed herself. Her sister and cousin miraculously decided to come to visit her and subsequently saved her life.

Moving to Colorado she began working with dementia patients in nursing homes and became one of the first Hospice nurses in the U.S. Her experiences with dying patients and their families opened up a fascination with the emotional and spiritual dimensions of illness as well as a curiosity about life after death.

After a brief marriage and becoming a single mother, she trained with a spiritual and energy healer for three years and became the first practitioner of The Transformational Healing Institute. She had a spiritual counseling practice for 25 years along with working in the hospital as a psychiatric nurse and educator as well as a patient advocate. Continuing to have episodes of severe depression she also developed numerous autoimmune conditions, triple negative breast cancer and multiple brain injuries that resulted in chronic fatigue, pain, the tendency to become easily overwhelmed, and a loss in her once clear ability to hear Spirit’s guidance. Eventually her symptoms made working impossible and she became officially disabled.

The fatigue worsened every year so that she eventually lost her independence and required caregivers in her home. In bed for ten years she realized the need for a loving support group for those who were trying to get well but weren’t seeing improvement. When Spirit finally led her to Jennifer, Laurel was able to apply the principles she was taught and saw positive change in her health for the first time in 20 years! She has proven to herself that prayer and the power of love can be fertile ground for miracles.

Beth Nyerick

I am so grateful for the opportunity and inspiration to join in healing with the “Rising Above Chronic Pain and Illness” support group as a co-facilitator. I have been a special educator for 40yrs. During that time, I have worked with many individuals who have dealt with chronic pain and illness in their lives. I was an integral part of the support team for individuals and their families while they were in my class, often for several years. Over time, I have learned a variety of techniques that have been helpful to my students and ultimately myself, in coping with our challenges.

My own journey with chronic pain and illness began in 2014, when spinal stenosis with myelopathy weakened my whole body to the point that it became challenging to make it through the day. A surgeons evaluation determined that extensive neck surgery (C3-C7) was warranted. This corrected some of my issues, but seemed to create even more. Since that time, I have experienced extreme ups and downs in my physical symptoms and abilities. My symptoms which vary daily, include nerve pain throughout my body, muscle weakness, poor balance, lack of clarity, memory problems, processing issues and fatigue, which is sometimes extreme. My health forced me to leave work in 2021. Since then, my focus has been on my healing. When I found Rev. Jennifer Hadley a few months later, I began to incorporate many spiritual practices into my daily routines. This has had a tremendous influence on my healing journey. I am currently a Quantum/Spiritual Counselor in Training with the Power of Love Ministry, with the goal of sharing this very healing work with my clients.

*This group meets every Tuesday of each week at 3pm EST

Los Angeles 12pm ♥ Chicago 2pm ♥ Denver 1pm
New York 3pm ♥ London 7pm ♥ Germany 8pm
ydney 6am (next day) ♥ Hong Kong 3am (next day)

Masterful Men Support Group

The intention for this group is to provide a non-judgmental, supportive and loving space for the men in the Masterful Living community, Using the principles learned in Masterful Living classes and ACIM, we are embracing our omnipotence, brilliance, and gifts and talents in new and loving ways. Using the tools of forgiveness, love and compassion, we are willing to create an impact on the planet through our high vibration and our willingness to create a brotherhood of man not only for the Masterful Living community, but for the entire planet. We are willing to be led, guided and shifted by our Higher Holy Spirit Self and allow the Holy Spirit to do the heavy lifting as we assume our roles of magnificent men living magnificent, unprecedented spiritual lives together.


Tedd Swartz

On this journey of 70+ years, I have had an array of life changing events in my life. Living in a blended family, with my wife Mary Ellen is one. We have six adult children, 18 grandchildren and one great. We presently reside in Columbus, Ohio.

Others include; loss of a wife and other close family members, bankruptcy twice, and cancer. In addition, I have experienced amazing blessings, such as a very successful business, my songwriting and the Course of Miracle community. I have found songwriting to be a light out of the darker events of my life and the celebration of my blessings.

In today’s world it can get very difficult to maneuver without a safe haven to reflect on the issues we face as men. This is such a place, for support, healing, growth, refuge and courage. I welcome everyone and would love to hear your story.

Rich Carothers

Welcome! I am 78 years old, married 53 years with three adult children and five grandchildren. I live in Wakefield, RI after living most of my adult life in Oklahoma.

I have been a student of the Course in Miracles since 1996. We had a real spiritual growth in the ACIM when we met Jennifer Hadley in 2012 and joined the Power of Love Ministry. At that time we committed to LIVE ACIM.

I have been interested and involved in men’s work for many years and enjoyed the growth of working with men on the spiritual path. I look forward to sharing and growing with like-minded men in our new group. I hope you will join us…as Jennifer says “try it, you will know if it is right for you “. Blessings!

Jerry Thompson

Hi! I’m a 49-year-old father of two, married to my wife Emily for 23 years, and a grandfather to a beautiful little 6-month-old granddaughter.

My own personal journey has led me on many adventures – in work, life and in my growth as a man raised in a society without a lot of role models for a man living and acting out of his deep inner wisdom and connection to the joy and abundance of his HHSS. My journey has included some peaks, and many, many valleys.

Over the last 10 years, I have been on a deep spiritual quest to re-discover my own sacred masculinity and have been working with men from many backgrounds/belief systems to support and be supported through the continuous process of personal transformation.

I welcome you all to be part of this wonderfully enriching experience of men supporting men through the challenges and miracles of expansion.

"First the fall, and then the recovery from the fall; both are the mercy of God." ~ Julian of Norwich

Brian Crawford

Welcome! I am 52 years old and have been married for 21 years. I have one twenty-year-old daughter. I live in Billerica, Massachusetts which is about a half hour north of Boston. I have been A Course In Miracles student for 15 years. I joined Jennifer’s Masterful Living program in 2020 for the opportunity to meet some like-minded people, and have the chance to deepen my understanding through practical application.

I’m looking forward to joining with the men in the group, and having the chance to participate in whatever way that is most helpful and beneficial.

*This group meets once a month on Wednesdays at 8pm EST

Los Angeles 4pm ♥ Denver 5pm
Chicago 6pm ♥ New York 7pm ♥ London 11pm
Germany 12am ♥ Sydney 10am (next day)

Healing Family Relationships Support Group

The Support Group for Healing Family Relationships meets once a month with the intention of holding space for each other at various stages in our journey of awakening. We recognise that our family brings us opportunities to connect with others in similar situations and hold loving, non-judgmental space for ourselves to remember the truth of who we are. We affirm our willingness to know that we are the fulcrum point of healing in our families and beyond.


Kellie George

Kellie is a current Masterful Living student who facilitates Forgiveness Friday sessions, Freedom Posses, and Masterful Living Community Calls. She is working towards becoming a certified Spiritual Counselor, and a certified Prayer Practitioner with the Power of Love Ministry. Kellie is on the Power of Love Ministry staff as the volunteer co-ordinator, celebrating participants stepping into service.

"I grew up with parents who were not heirs to emotional intelligence. Throughout my life, I sought connection with people who I thought could offer me the deep emotional connection that I had not received as a child.

My awakening came after I became involved in a toxic relationship with a man with whom I ended up having a son. After ending the relationship when I was six months pregnant, I spent the next few years mired in anger and victimhood - how had this happened to me when I was a good person?

With deep willingness to leave anger and victimhood behind, I developed deep gratitude for being offered the opportunity to take responsibility for sight and truly understand that my ex-partner was my answered prayer for awakening from the dualistic paradigm we are all born into.

Whether your relationship is a past or a current relationship - a mother, a father, a sibling, a child - or all of them! - I am knowing for you that connecting with and holding space for others who have lived similar experiences liberates us from our thoughts and beliefs that cause us suffering. Together, we free up negative survival energies that keep us stuck in circular trauma, so we can direct our divine energy into our best lives."

Kellie currently facilitates Forgiveness Friday sessions, Freedom Posses, and Masterful Living Community Calls. She is working towards becoming a certified Spiritual Counselor, and a certified Prayer Practitioner with the Power of Love Ministry. Kellie is on the Power of Love Ministry staff as the Volunteer Coordinator, celebrating and supporting participants to step into service.

Joyce Tempelmeyer

Joyce Tempelmeyer grew up feeling bullied in her family, then saw that pattern repeat in her marriages. She made the decision to end this pattern. Spiritual study taught that her first task was to learn to love herself. To help with that goal, she enrolled in Masterful Living 1, then 2. She has also been a regular attendee the past 2 years in ML’s Healing Family Relationships Support Group.

With strength gained from loving herself, she was able to begin to see bullying attempts as cries for love. This helped her calmly look inside for the balance in each situation between showing compassion for the other and showing compassion for herself. She has observed that too much compassion for a family member employing bullying with too little for herself can lead to “people-pleasing,” followed by resentment on her part. Yet, too little compassion for one attempting to bully may feel like attack. All family relationships are works in progress, and Joyce’s goal is to watch these family relationships and her own peacefulness continue to grow.

*This group meets every 1st Saturday of the month at 6pm Eastern

Los Angeles 3pm ♥ Denver 4pm
Chicago 5pm ♥ New York 6pm ♥ London 11pm
Germany 12am (next day) ♥ Sydney 10am (next day)

Depression Demolition Support Group

Together we're fearlessly dismantling ego's deceptions that keep us feeling separate and in a dark pit of hopelessness. 

We work with forgiveness and letting go of false beliefs, to release our attachments to the past using A Course In Miracles and the tools we've learned from Jennifer in Masterful Living. 

We're coming clean and surrendering blame and shame around depression and anxiety. This allows us to remember the Truth of our Oneness with all of life and be a safe space with each other. 

If you're willing to be honest and gentle with yourself, ready to let go of depression, despair, anger and deep emotional pain and receive support from a loving community of folks who understand what you’ve been going through, this is the place for you.


Betty Duvall

I lived in a continual cycle of abuse, violence and drugs. Not to mention, serious mental illness and self-mutilation. I was stuck in that loop of being victim and perpetrator. I was heinous and rotten. And, the only place for people like me was prison.

Luckily, ACIM found me there, at the end of my second term. I was desperate to find something. I knew if I got arrested again, I'd do life in prison. While behind bars, I begun to do the lessons, trying to practice them. Even though they made little sense, something in me cracked open. My seed of awakening, preparing me for Jennifer and all the healing work ahead of me.

Jennifer's voice seemed to be the only one I could hear when I got released from prison. Through all the craziness, confusion and chaos. It was a voice that said, "we're as holy as holy can be" and "we're the infinite field of love". She told me she could help me! I trusted her 100%. She pointed me to the moon. Everyday I course corrected with her teachings, changing my thoughts, taking responsibility with 0% blame and expressing gratitude.

Gratitude is true, honest LOVE. I'm not going back to prison. I'm not rotten. I'm love and I'm kind.
Thank you Jennifer, Rev. Meghan and everyone at Power of Love Ministry. I am as "holy as holy can be".

Heather Cisowski

We are the beloved of the Beloved. I am only on this planet still by the grace of God. I know that I am here only to be truly helpful; to share my experiences with mental illness and dysfunctional coping mechanisms in order to help others.

Finding the Power of Love Ministry has completely transformed my life. Today, I enjoy freedom from fear and hopelessness. Instead, I am able to experience true joy and offer my daughter, my partner, and everyone around me true unconditional love. My joy grows more and more as I utilize the tools to remove my blocks to love and one of the biggest tools is access to the different support groups and I am honored to facilitate one.

Linda Soto

I believe we all have experienced traumatic events that have colored our world & shaped our lives.
What we’ve done with these traumatic imprints can gift us with the ability to mold ourselves, & can allow us to make a powerful impact on our loved ones & all humanity.

I have experienced many traumatic events in my life. From near death experience, to childhood abuse, to grief in many forms including infertility & miscarriages, & caring for loved ones in declining health & death.

Using the tools I have learned I feel happier & more satisfied with myself & life in general than I could have ever imagined.

  • I learned transcendental meditation after going to workshops with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Deepak Chopra and Ram Dass in the late 1970s.
  • In 2014 I completed a certification in Polarity Balancing with Maruti Seidman.
  • I completed a week long intensive & continue classes till present day with Trauma Sensitive Movement Artist & Educator Christine Serfozo.
  • I completed Drum Leadership training with Jim Donovan in 2019 & facilitate regular drum circles present day.
  • In 2018 I completed the Spiritual Counseling Certification Program with Rev. Jennifer Hadley’s Power of Love Ministry.

I have been studying A Course In Miracles on & off since the 1980s & since June 2018 I've been hosting a weekly online A Course In Miracles study group Tuesdays at 12pm ET titled ACIM Comes To Life – Starring YOU!

I desire to live the ACIM quote, “Seek not to change the world, but choose to change your mind about the world.” I believe you can live the life you desire even if you don’t yet.

Elizabeth Welch

I have been on my spiritual journey for 3 decades. I consider myself to be a metaphysician, a devoted ACIM student, and an initiate into spirituality. My desire and intention is to be of maximum service to the Light as I continue my own spiritual unfolding and development, while assisting others in their individual personal quests for self-discovery.

I have successfully been in sobriety for 35 years and have studied addiction and self-medicating in depth - my desire is to share with others the "miracles I have received.

I was sexually abused as a child, which has affected every romantic relationship for my entire life. I have completed lots of healing work on sexual abuse, including Jennifer Hadley's recent Healing Sexual Abuse Retreat. My desire is to assist others in doing this transformative work in healing their sexual abuse.

Jennifer Hadley's various classes, especially Finding Freedom and Masterful Living are incredible tools for discovering one's limiting beliefs, negativity, and blocks to "God's will of perfect happiness for you.

*This group meets every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month at 8pm Eastern

Los Angeles 5pm ♥ Denver 6pm ♥Chicago 7pm
New York 8pm ♥ London 1am (next day)
Germany 2am (next day) ♥ Sydney 12pm (next day)

Addiction Support Group

We intend to create a safe space where addicts, alcoholics, and those who love the addicts can claim healing at all levels. 

We see everyone in their wholeness that they may shift out of identifying with their woundedness & their brokenness & step into the freedom & the joy God wills for them. 

We intend to create a community of support for all who are affected by alcoholism & addiction, whether they experience addiction themselves, or they are in relationship with an addict. By bringing everyone together, we create a powerful environment of healing & compassion.


Morgan Turner

My husband appeared to struggle with alcoholism for the first 13 years of our relationship. He lost his younger brother & his father to the disease. Our marriage was on the brink of ending in 2021. From my years with A Course in Miracles & studying with Jennifer, I learned to take responsibility for how I was holding him in my mind & how I was re-enacting over & over again ego patterns, attachments & identities (martyr, motherer, victim, etc.). I was able to recognize that pure, unconditional love didn’t require that I stay in an unhealthy relationship. Once I became willing to love him & myself enough to leave him (according to Spirit’s guidance), he stepped up to love himself enough to stop drinking. Now, he is no longer drinking, and we experience growth & healing in our relationship every day. Our relationship isn’t perfect, but we are committed to stepping into more Love every single day.

Betty Duvall

I struggled with addiction most of my adult life. I went from drinking alcohol to smoking methamphetamine to IV drug use. I have lots of experience with addiction. I know the self-deprecating, self-hatred, despair & self-loathing that comes with addiction. I’ve learned with the teachings of ACIM & Jennifer to take 100% responsibility with 0% blame. I know that healing can happen once we decide to love & accept our Self. Once I accepted what Jennifer was teaching, I never looked back. I’m not going to struggle with addiction anymore. I’m done with it. I know this for myself, and I know it for you. That’s how certain I am of it. Healing is possible. Miracles happen.

*This group meets weekly at 11am EST

Los Angeles 8am ♥ Denver 9am
Chicago 10am ♥ New York 11am ♥ London 4pm
Germany 5pm ♥ Sydney 1am (next day)

Writing as a Spiritual Practice

We will be reading and discussing three books with call to actions at the end of each session --with the ultimate goal of using writing as a way to connect and experience greater awareness with our inner self, the place of sanctuary, where we can be present to gain deeper clarity through intuition, dreams, and longings ---all to help us resolve and heal those places of loss or beliefs that no longer serve us.


Sue Greenberg

Sue Greenberg has been journaling since the late 1980s, a professional writer since early 1990s, involved in writer groups for 30 years, and currently part of a New York writers’ group using the Amherst Writer Framework, which is active writing in the group based on prompts. She is a certified facilitator and executive transformation coach (since 2013) as well as a certified change practitioner for the past 20 years consulting organizations to transition through changes that impact their workforce.

Sue has been in a spiritual practice for many years, and first came upon A Course of Miracles in 1984. She has studied Buddhism and was an apprentice in a shaman practice in Maine. More recently, along with being a part of the Masterful Living community for past 3 years, she is working on a 500 hour vinyasa yoga certification with emphasis on trauma-informed bodywork.

Jerry Thompson

Jerry has been fascinated with the power of word in all of its forms all of his life.  From his days in school, he can recall observing how intentions, meanings and specific forms of articulation of language could lead either to the noble pursuits of freedom, liberation, connection and love as expressed by the mystics, poets and troubadours, or down the ignominious paths of entrapment, belittlement and the perpetuation of illusion when contorted and manipulated by fear and doubt.

Like a student in Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave”, Jerry’s 25 years working as a lawyer, consultant and executive in international business further illustrated in his own life how the meanings he made of words could be used to cast the shadow of an illusion of life lived in proxy, or to illuminate the glory of an untethered soul expressing the unique avian call of it’s embodied form.  Always seeking the latter, but unaware of the unconscious beliefs, thoughts and feelings that pervaded his experience.

After a long season of introspection, disconnection and re-formation, Jerry is now a Business and Personal Transformation Catalyst and coach helping connect his clients to the many powerful Transformation tools and practices that have been utilized by the wisdom teachers for thousands of years.  Under his IMPower U platform, Jerry utilizes MyCoreConnections, which incorporates the power of writing as a form of spiritual connection, as a tool to help guide his clients in relation to health (self), relationship (others), creation (mission) and abundance (the world).

*Meeting schedule TBD: Stay tuned for updates as we coordinate to bring our community together. Please sign up to receive updates.

Los Angeles 6am ♥ Denver 7am ♥ Chicago 8am
New York 9am ♥ London 2pm ♥ Germany 3pm
ydney 11am (next day)