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Power of Love Ministry is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Our one goal is to support people who are actively interested in walking their talk, living the Love and awakening so they can teach only Love and be truly helpful. We’re doing it together! Your donations helps fund the free classes and offerings at the Power of Love Ministry such as:

Darling Jennifer, Thank you for being able to pray with me each day. It’s the highlight of my life and helps me stay loving as much as possible. It’s quite amazing how accurate you are (for me anyway). Each moment is special. Thank you special angel.

Love from South Africa Evelyn Berkowitz (Prayer for Today)

Finding Freedom has changed my life in a way I would never have thought possible. I was feeling bad about a lot of things in my life – always thinking what I did was not good enough. Using the tools and doing the exercises combined with loving support in my Freedom Posse has shifted my point of view. I don’t recall having felt happier and more free than now – and I know there’s much more to come.

Inger Hansen (Finding Freedom)

I’ve become increasingly prayerful. I’m now learning to pray, learning to prove God in my life; learning to partner UP; learning to forgive; learning to love myself. Connecting to Higher Self.

Paula Martin

It was the wake-up call of my life. Because of this class, I was able to lay down a long-standing self-medicating addiction and finally love myself. It was a beautiful gathering of the perfectly-intended souls helped me practice the love, patience, and acceptance I’d been yearning for. I achieved true freedom from guilt and shame. I now have the ability to love myself and truly love others, because we are One.

Erin McDonald (Finding Freedom)

The investment I made in attending the retreats keeps coming back to me tenfold.
Following my guidance to go to the Stop Playing Small Retreat was one of the best investments I have made in my life. I decided to sign up for the retreat for my own personal healing at a time where I felt totally lost and bewildered about my past and where I was going. Being with beautiful like-minded people every day in an uplifting, nourishing and safe environment was the perfect space for me to really do some deep healing and forgive myself for all the times I denied myself Joy and happiness. Through making more loving choices every day since the retreats, I have found my purpose and I have a strong momentum now and that’s leading to transformation in every area of my life, including my relationships with my family, my health, and my finances. I am showing up more as who I truly am and Life is responding to that in miraculous ways. I am starting to enjoy the journey again!

Jenni Ridpath (Stop Playing Small)

This online retreat has created the space for me to bring up false beliefs like this up, explore and release them. The experience of being able to show up and just be myself was healing. I used to think that I had to be perfect. I’m now seeing that showing up as I am is perfect. Stop Playing Small helped me feel both lighter and freer. I feel like I have a purpose. Self-acceptance was my biggest take-away!

Carol Bifano (Stop Playing Small)

When I signed up for Masterful Living, my intention was to deepen my connection with God. I had no idea the transformation & support I’d receive from the community & doing the work. My life is completely different! My relationship with my hubby has deepened, my career changed, & I feel I’m being a more loving presence in the world. What a blessing this year has been. Thank you God & thank you Rev. Jennifer!

Linda Soto (Masterful Living)

I was prescribed medication for depression for 17 years. I always imagined that I could use my spiritual practice to transform my emotional experience and stop taking meds. However, I was afraid that I wasn’t committed enough to attend to such an enormous and frightening task. Taking Masterful Living changed my life completely: I am now medication free and enjoy a completely different relationship with my emotions and sense of well being. I am truly amazed and profoundly grateful.

Dr. Michael Lennox (Masterful Living)

Masterful Living is the best program I’ve ever done. My income increased 5x in my small business and I didn’t do any additional marketing. Wow! My family is happier. I’m happier and I feel so excited about the way my life is going!

Jody Kelovits (Masterful Living)

This podcast led me to a deeper and more meaningful relationship with ACIM. My connection with God has been strengthened and my mind is more at peace from learning how to put these principles into action in my life.

Kristine Renee (Podcast)

You have no idea how much Jennifer has helped me. She is a blessing. After a series of really sad events, I lost my positivity and became so depressed. I almost gave up, but I felt God telling me I need to just pray and reach out…and here I am. I’m finding myself again, thanks so much, Love and Light.

Julie Abdo (LACIM series)

I recently discovered Jennifer’s wonderful work and now listening to her radio programs has become a daily activity in my life. I also listen to her daily prayer every morning and I really have grown to appreciate it. Jennifer is doing wonderful work on the planet and I would be honored to somehow be a part of that.

Much love, Debbie Moore (Blog)

I thank Jennifer for her sincerity and humility which have brought me a deep shift

Karen Kelly (Blog)


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