Jennifer Hadley

"Dear, Rev. Jennifer, Wow! – I can’t tell you how integral your Prayers for Today have become to my daily practice. I have been waking up every single morning, excited to check my inbox to see what wisdom and focus that day's prayer will bring me! Call it coincidence, or call it your deep connection to the divine flow of guidance, but there hasn’t been a single day that the Prayer for Today hasn’t been a perfect reminder of exactly what I need or want to remember that day. It's almost like a personalized daily horoscope, but infinitely better: instead of predicting what the day will be like for me, from some outside source that I can't control, it gives me the vibrational tools I need to create exactly the day that I want to have. It centers and grounds me, allowing me to take charge and go through my day aligned with a specific vibrational intention. It has really revolutionized and focused my daily spiritual practice. Thank you so so so much for taking time each day to share this powerful focus-tool with us!"

~ Ambika

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Prayer for Today

Call For A Prayer

People call me for prayer every day, which I love and enjoy. Every opportunity to pray with someone is a gift for me. Over the years as an Intuitive Spiritual Counselor & Religious Science Practitioner, now a Minister – people have called at all times of the day and night and left messages when they couldn’t reach me. Many have told me that they felt grateful just to be able to feel connected when they heard my outgoing message.

Call for a Prayer Now!

(760) 569-6005

This is an outgoing message only. Please enjoy and give me feedback. The rate is that of a normal toll call. There is no extra charge.

These prayer phone lines below allow you to reach a live person or leave a message. They are available to you 24 hours a day.

Agape Prayer Ministry (310) 348-1270
Silent Unity (816) 969-2000

You can also receive prayer online:

[email protected]
Silent Unity

With this prayer line you can call to listen to a pre-recorded prayer that changes daily (to the best of my ability). Each day I intuitively listen to what the prayer requests are and then speak a word of healing prayer for everyone.

I encourage you to program the number into your cell phone. You never know when you might meet someone who would benefit from the opportunity to have a few minutes of inspiration and prayer.

Indeed, I serve on the Agape Prayer Ministry every month. Everywhere I go I see people who are in need of prayer. I have prayed with people in all kinds of situations and they’re always grateful, many feel shy and would never ask, but gratefully accept when I offer. Sometimes people will even be reluctant to accept a prayer in that moment, but feel sooooooo much better after the prayer.

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