Willingness Affirmation Cards

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Willingness is all that’s required for our healing and expansion. This little bundle of 44 Willingness Affirmation Cards is designed to be used as part of your daily spiritual practice. You’ll be AMAZED how you pull the perfect card to guide your day! Willingness Cards are a powerful yet spiritual practice. A great gift for anyone, their small size makes them easy to carry with you and to travel with.

Self-Love, Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem

(90 min. CD)

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In this CD class, I will share how learning to love herself was the jet fuel that truly allowed her to lift up above all the muck and mire of a playing small and feeling separate.

Eliminating Resistance & Reluctance

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Through deepening my spiritual practice, I dissolved a mountain of resistance and reluctance – let me show you how! You can stop the blocks and go for it!

Manifest From The Heart

(90 min. CD)

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In this CD class, you’ll be truly amazed at how quickly you can shift from a path of loss, lack, and confusion, onto a path of glory! No kidding!

My #1 Tip For Spiritual Success

Discover this one tip that changed EVERYTHING for me! I used this 1 Tip to STOP playing small and START living my calling! Let me show you how you can do it too! Learn More

Turn Your Pain Into Your Power

44. Practice Divine Alchemy!

There’s so much pain and suffering born of studying spiritual principles and talking the talk without being committed to walking the talk. Turn that pain and any pain into the power of a living spiritual practice and a life of profound Love and Beauty!

Healing Negative Patterns Workshop


Healing old negative patterns is much easier than you might think. In this workshop, Jennifer Hadley shares concrete tools and tips that really work! True FREEDOM is yours already! When you allow your belief in the negative patterns to be healed you discover that you are undamaged, unbroken and perfectly whole. Healing is yours when you’re willing to apply the tools that are given to you. Do your part and the Spirit will do the rest! Why wait? Go for it! These tools work!

Relationship Reboot

(5 class audio replays & downloads, transcripts! CD’s shown for illustrative purposes only)

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This 5-class series will give you the tools you need to SHIFT your relationships and experience more Love in all areas of your life!

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Be A Love Magnet

(Three 60 min. audio CD’s & printed transcript)

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What’s offered in this program is simple and clear – and, amazingly, you may have never heard it before, never really considered these simple steps before. Once you apply what you learn from Jennifer Hadley – you’ll be so RELIEVED and GRATEFUL that you decide to BE the LOVE MAGNET in your life.

Living A Course In Miracles Platinum CD Package

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CD Package & Bound Transcripts

True Healing & Lasting Transformation

Replays, recordings, and transcripts help us get the most from these classes by transcending many limitations of time and space. You can share this experience despite the constraints of your budget, busy schedule and physical location.

These classes are priceless and packed with more wisdom than anyone can absorb in one sitting. That’s why Jennifer consistently invites you to listen several times to each class. As the class is ending, more and more people are choosing to revisit the recordings again and again.

To make the most of your experience, you might consider getting the recordings and transcripts so you can deepen your understanding in the weeks and months to come.

Here’s a wonderful opportunity to add this entire series—all 16 classes—to your personal library. Choose the option that best supports your learning style and budget.

Finding Freedom – 7 Week Spiritual Bootcamp With Jennifer Hadley

Finding Freedom is a profoundly transformative 7 week Spiritual Bootcamp class to support you in moving to your next level of awakened personal success. Bring on your BREAKTHROUGH! Reverend Jennifer Hadley leads you step by step through your breakthrough transformation in this comprehensive class. You can always repeat the class for only $44 per month of study, which includes free membership in the Sacred Circle at the same time!