Create and Lead Workshops that Make a Difference

with Rev. Karen Russo, MBA for Coaches, Healers, and Experts on Content, Messaging, and Delivery of Transformational Workshops

** Special Guest: Jennifer Hadley, Power of Love Ministry **

Begins Tuesday, July 9


Create and Lead Workshops that Make a Difference is an intensive, interactive, virtual course led by expert speaker and teacher, Rev. Karen Russo, MBA, over a 2 week period.

This experience is specifically designed for intermediate to advanced level healers, coaches, teachers, experts, and business owners have a desire to offer impactful, professional workshops.

The outcomes you can expect: 

  • Package, price, and market your workshop effectively for maximum participation and profits
  • Master virtual teaching tools to enhance learning and discovery
  • Clearly understand and define the transformational spiritual principles that you are sharing
  • Craft powerful flows of teaching exercises and reflection
  • Design workshops for a variety of learning styles and modes
  • Balance having a plan and going with the flow for optimal transformation
  • Understand and effectively communicate with your ideal audience
  • Tune in and facilitate the emotions and experiences of the individuals and group
  • Delivering content that is deeply impactful so you make a difference

This Series of Classes is for anyone who:

  • Is already a workshop facilitator and wants to expand their reach, skills, and consciousness to create even more impact
  • Has an important message or teaching to share and wants to expand their offerings to include workshops
  • Wants to enhance their teaching, speaking, facilitation, and leadership skills

Rev. Karen Russo, MBA, is the award-winning author of The Money Keys and the creator of Money Momentum Mastery system for entrepreneurs, creative folks, and spiritual seekers. Karen has a special passion for working with spiritual seekers who want to make a powerful contribution but who struggle with lingering upset, shame, and overwhelm around money. 

Karen shares from over 25 years of success with an unusual blend of experience: an MBA from Columbia University, a top selling salesperson, an accomplished corporate trainer, and an ordained Centers for Spiritual Living minister.

She has designed and facilitated hundreds of in person and virtual workshops in a wide variety of professional, corporate, and personal growth settings. Topics include: Money Leadership, Spiritual Counseling, Financial Freedom, Sales and Sales Management, Teamwork, Influence, and more. Clients and venues include: Bank of America, Merck, Visa, Agape Center, Mile High Church, Unity Houston, and more. 

Karen has been a beloved friend and prayer partner of Jennifer Hadley’s for over 20 years.

More about Karen: www.KarenRussoSpeaker.com 

Over the five intensive sessions with Rev. Karen,
you will learn and apply the following topics:

  • How to Select your Workshop Topic, Outcomes, and Ideal Audience
  • Designing Workshop Experiences that Deliver Value and Results
  • Creating Mix of Lecture, Discussion, Exercise, Ritual, and Reflection to Facilitate Learning and Growth in person, virtual, and hybrid environments
  • Effective Facilitation Skills including Teaching, Instructions, Discussion, and Coaching
  • Live Practice of Workshop Delivery with Peer and Leader Feedback
  • How to Market, Enroll, Implement, and Follow up from Workshop


Jennifer Hadley, founder of the Power of Love Ministry, and master spiritual teacher and workshop facilitator, will join the intensive to offer her unique perspective in how to lead experiences that evoke transformation for participants.


After the formal five session intensive, selected participants may apply to have their workshops sponsored by the Power of Love Ministry.  


Jennifer Hadley will also lead a series of Mastery Sessions taking the core content to a deeper level of practice and application.  

Mastery topics will include: 

  • Balancing ‘Plan’ with Presence, 
  • Deeply Tuning into Emotional Needs of Students,
  • Creating Workshop Series,
  • Additional Live Practice and Feedback.

Ready to enhance your teaching, speaking, facilitation, and leadership skills?

What's Included:

  • 5 intensive group sessions led by expert facilitator, Rev. Karen Russo with teaching, application, feedback, and small group experiences
  • Comprehensive course content outlines and worksheets available during each session
  • Opportunity to present portions of your workshop plan, content, and marketing ideas during the session for leader and peer feedback (optional but recommended!)
  • Relevant, specific examples of workshop content, facilitation tips, and best practices shared by Rev. Karen Russo and guest Jennifer Hadley

What to Expect:

In addition to getting all the foundational knowledge and application you need to create and deliver a powerful workshop; Rev. Karen creates a high level learning environment so you can benefit from:

  • Developing your understanding and ability to facilitate workshop experiences as distinct from presenting information, or leading a meeting, or giving an inspirational message
  • Facilitating and teaching principles and practices using contemporary, relevant language, examples, and applications
  • Increasing capacity for professional development with the opportunity to learn from the presentations of colleagues and the supportive and direct feedback from leaders and peers

Our Schedule:

5 Online Sessions. All sessions will be at the same time. Allow 2 hours and 30 minutes each session.

  • Tuesday July 9th
  • Thursday July 11th
  • Saturday July 13th
  • Tuesday July 16th
  • Thursday July 18th

All sessions 4:00 PM - 6:30 PM US Eastern time

1pm PST ♥ 2pm MST
3pm CST ♥ 4pm EST
9pm UK ♥ 6am Sydney*
(next day)

See what others have to say about Rev. Karen

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"I was worried about carrying so much business debt. Karen’s teaching and money tools created momentum—and restored my confidence! Now I have a consistent practice that helps me stay focused and centered. I worry less and enjoy my business more and more."

Nozomi Michiki Morgan

Global Culture and Leadership Expert, Michiki Morgan Worldwide, Atlanta, GA

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"This class delivered way beyond what I was expecting. Not only did I learn how to create better workshops that delivered the transformation and impact I wanted to make, but I was able to transform my own mind to believe that I could be the channel for Spirit to work through me. The level of support I received in the class was inspiring. This last year I was able to successfully give my 8-week class 6 different times, with several students taking it more than once. Thank you Jennifer and Karen!"

Faith Rumer

Voice/Acting/Dialect Coach for Singers, Actors, Songwriters, Speakers & Leaders

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"I was personally blown away by both the depth of the spiritual message and the practicality of Karen’s advice. I took 3 immediate actions in my own business. Within a month my income tripled! Tripled! I'm empowered, spiritually aligned, and excited."

Amy Ahlers

Wake-Up Call Coach,

Best-selling Author, 

Big Fat Lies Women Tell Themselves, Alameda, CA

In every one of the 5 sessions, the intensive training course will include teaching, breakout sharing, small group practice, and optional short presentations with feedback in front of the large group.  

Rev. Karen provides specific, valuable observations that allow you to build skill, confidence, and tune into your unique gifts as a workshop leader.

Members of the Power of Love Ministry have the opportunity to design and deliver a workshop to be piloted with the support of the Ministry.

Your Takeaways:

As a participant in Create and Lead Workshops you will walk away:

  • Inspired about the difference your teaching and facilitation can make
  • Clear and connected to the ideal audience for your workshop so you can attract and serve them
  • Equipped with frameworks for designing interactive workshops that are crafted to meet your goals
  • Confident about your ability to share information, teach principles, and facilitate transformation
  • Enjoying enhanced skills with handling the emotional dynamics of learning environments

The interactive, live sessions will be powerful. And there will be great value for you as you return to the material over time. Therefore, the course includes:

  • Full video and audio replays of the main room teaching, discussion, and coaching for each of the 5 sessions
  • Comprehensive course content outlines and worksheets available during and after each session to enhance your learning and retention
  • Full list of next steps to continue to develop as a workshop facilitator
  • Resource list for further reading, learning, and networking to develop as a workshop facilitator